SmileConnect Clinical is a dental registry that provides information to general practitioners on how to identify tooth decay, apply fluoride varnish, and educate young patients about oral health. It also makes it easy for doctors, social workers, and other care professionals to refer children in need of oral care to nearby dentists who accept Medicaid, and to track the care they receive. In addition, SmileConnect Clinical’s FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) gateway ensures information within the system is securely shared across oral health care teams for better overall coordination.

Results in Michigan

Children in Michigan who are referred to a dentist through the SmileConnect Clinical platform are 35 percent more likely to visit a dentist and get preventive oral care than children who did not receive an electronic referral. Doctors also appreciate that when they use SmileConnect Clinical, they are not only expanding access to oral health care in their communities, but are part of a collaborative care team that includes dentists.