Michigan WIC partnered with Altarum, McMillen Health, Delta Dental Foundation, and the Michigan Health Endowment Fund to implement a WIC-oral health pilot project over 3 years in 50 Michigan WIC clinics in rural and urban settings. Staff in these WIC clinics received training to integrate oral health education and dental referrals into the nutrition education provided to mothers with young children. Through the BRUSH training, WIC staff learned about the importance of children’s oral health, how to discuss the topic using the CCS approach, and were provided with resources to share with clients.

Results in Michigan

210 staff were trained across these 50 WIC pilot clinics and more than 80,000 infants and children (around 40% of the state’s WIC participation) now have access to these clinics. This pilot has increased access to care in both urban and rural settings, established dental homes before the onset of disease, and helped minimize the potential occurrence of early childhood caries